Response time degraded when accessing on-prem LOB system using K2 Cloud SDA

  • 3 October 2019
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We are now building solutions using K2 Cloud and accessing our on-prem LOB data using K2 Cloud SDA, after previously building on K2 4.7. We recreated a service instance & SMO previously built for an on-prem K2 4.7 solution that returned the data from our LOB system instantaneously. However, we are now experiencing a few second delay on the exact same data retrieval with K2 Cloud. We aren't sure if there is a way to optimize the K2 Cloud data retrieval response time or if this is just something we will have to live with. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

6 replies

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Hello  @CFlinn 


Maybe you need to do some updates to resolve this issue. Please have a look at this certified kb


Please let me know if you managed.




Actually our K2 4.7 on-prem response time was excellent, almost instantaneous return of data queries from our LOB systems. We are now seeing the slower response times using K2 Cloud. 

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Hi CFlinn,
I am glad your k2 4.7 on-prem response time is now excellent. I suggest you try using fiddler to enhance the response time of K2 cloud. Please have a look at this certified k2 kb article

It is titled, "How to debug slow SmartForms forms using Fiddler". It touches on issues on Issues, Symptoms and Troubleshooting steps.

Please let me know how this transpires as I would like to go all the way.

All the best.
Hi CFlinn
One can not fully compare response times on local network vs over WAN. Connecting form Cloud back to onprem resources has a lot more layer and is expected to have slower response times compared to local LAN connections.
Not sure how much slower you have it currently.

Hi Vernon,


In 4.7, the response time for retrieving the LOB data was instantaneous. With K2 Cloud retrieving the same data, it is taking 3-4 seconds, which is very noticeable for our business users. We are just trying to understand if that is to be expected or if we need to do some more digging to find out how to optimize.

Hi CFlinn, Unfortunately I think you can expect this type of behavior in accessing the SDA from my experience (albeit minimal at this point). We have one as well and it will produce a delay depending on all of the variable associated to the connection. I suppose you might be able to optimize forms a bit more by playing with the batch and asychronistic connections. As far as workflows i'm not sure who you would optomize those expect maybe running workflows in parralel having the slower process run while you continue on with other items until the slower process catches up. I'd be interested as well if someone does have other thoughts though on this.