SharePoint Integration - Start Workflow

  • 13 March 2020
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Does anyone know how to remove the "Start a workflow" integration on a SharePoint List that has been integrated with K2 five workflows?

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Hi npattersonazdps,


This will be possible on the latest K2 Five (5.3), you can take advantage of the new Save As feature for K2 five workflow. I'm under the assumption that your scenario is based on the new workflow designer.

Apologies for cut and paste here:

"K2 Workflow Designer
Save As: Save time by using the new Save As feature in the workflow designer to save a copy of an existing workflow as a new workflow. If you need to create a new workflow with similar requirements to an existing workflow, you can use Save As to copy the existing workflow as a starting point for your new workflow. The workflow references, variables, and steps are copied over, however, you must configure the Start step of the copied workflow and potentially other steps as well. For more information see Create a copy of a Workflow."