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  • 24 January 2020
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Hi All,


I am running in K2 5.2 and it is integrated with SharePoint onpremises. I have Dev, UAT and Prod instances and code base of each instance is different due to on going development and other activities.  Now there is a plan to change SharePoint OnPremise to SharePoint Online. To change the reference in each environment, what would be the better way?


As a POC, I tried creating two library in two site collection. Initially integrated one site with K2 form and took a package of it. While deploying, I configured it with second site collection. For me it did not work as the document still got stored in initial document library even after deployment. 




1 reply

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Hi Madhu


I would recommend that you use the documentation on the K2 Help Site , The integration with SP online will generated new guid for the K2 App and doing a reconfiguration or integration with a existing environment would be a recommended approach.


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