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  • 16 June 2017
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Hi All 


I have a requirement where I need to check the K2 tasklist for all overdue tasks (every tasks has a Due Date) and send an email to a group of Users notifying the pending tasks. Note that these Users are not the Destination Users and the Notification is not a Reminder. These may be the managers of the tasks and need this information for tracking purpose. Can I implement this using K2 workflow, and if yes how ? How do I start a workflow everyday to check for the list ? 




2 replies

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Hello SwetaAK2,


You Can do this by using Process Schedulers which is a new feature release in K2 BlackPearl 4.7 Version.



1. Create a SmartObject to get you the list of tasks that have passed the Due Date.

2 .Creata a New Workflow with an email event in which you get the List of Tasks using SmartObject Created in step 1 and add the destinations in the ToAddress Fields.


Now we have 2 approaches to achieve this

1.  Use Process Scheduler to automatically trigger the workflow forevery 24 hours.

Use below Link for more details on Process Sceduler


2. Use a Self Loop on Email Activity and Set Start Rule with value 24 in hours field. This will make the EMail Activy to be excuted for every 24 Hours.


Let me know if this helps you.




How do you do step 1?  Create a SmartObject with late tasks?