Can we redirect a task from Group to User

  • 3 November 2017
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Hello Guys,


I have a typical situaion where a task will be intially assigned to a AD Group. (one Worklistitem will be created in the name of this group as destination)

Now i want to specifically assign this task to an individual user .


I tried redirecting the task, but it didn't work. Instead it is creating a new worklistitem with the redirected user as destination and old one with group name is also still available.


Could any one guide me with your ideas for dealing this situation.




4 replies

Hello Vjay,


Hope you are doing good !!


Could you please eleborate more on the issue.  Happy to help more on this .

Is it you want in that group every personm should take respective action then it shouid move further ?


or any one of them take take actin activity should moved ?


Cheers ,



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Hello Chiru,


Thanks for your reply.


Let's assume there is a AD Group = Group1 which has 3 users = User A, User B, User C

When i create an instance of workflow, intially it will assign the task to Group1. In worklistitem it shows Destination as Group1

Now i want to redirect this task to a particular user, let's say User A, so that the worklist item should update the Destination as User A.


When i tried redirecting, it is creating a new worklistitem with Destination as User A with the old Worklist item still being shown.


Any help will be appreciated.






I have the same issue, K2 appears to "Share" instead of "Redirect" the task.


I want to redirect from "Group1" consisting of "User1,User2,User3" to just "User4" but it seems impossible with the destination options?

Do we have any solution for this yet?