Config Manager - Workspace Configuration

  • 24 August 2007
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Whatever I do I keep on getting a 'Login failed' error when trying to do the workspace config step in the config manager.

Standalone install, server is part of our office domain with full trust, using a domain account for service and workspace app pool accounts, all rights given as per K2 documentation.

I get this error when I try to use a local account as well.

ANY HELP PLS.!!, I'm getting dummer by the second :-)

8 replies

I have the exact same setup and experience the exact same error.  Can someone help????
This is a new one, I have asked around a bit and in a single server environment this has not been reported behavior.  Are you sure that the website does not have anonymous authentication turned on anywhere?

Yep - I was having the same troubles when installing - when attempting to enter the login & password for a LOCAL system/service account.

It looks like the Black Pearl config tool is only looking at "domain accounts" - I entered my user name and password for the domain - and it accepted.

Just need to remember to go back and change the "identity" of the IIS App.Pool later.

I have tried local and domain accounts, yes the website is set to run with the domain user I've created for the installation/service.
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The login failed message is seen when you are installing K2 [blackpearl] in a subdomain (subdomain.domain.local).

It searches to find the user you specified but cannot find it.

The easiest workaround is to specify your username as the following on the screen where you configure your app pool.


This should solve the problem.


This worked for me (specifying the full domain).  Thanks much!

Thank you Johan. The workaround worked. Can we get some feedback from SourceCode to understand why this works, and the normal way of specifying a user doesn't?

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I faced the same with installation on the main domain, it seems you have to specify the FQDM of the user account... my K2 app pool never starts until i specified the FQDM.