Email to the SharePoint Task list "Assigned to" field?

  • 3 January 2013
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I am still pretty new to this product, but I'm usually VERY good at learning quickly. However, I cannot seem to figure this one out. I have a column in a SharePoint Task list called "Assigned to". I would like to send a notification email to this person during the workflow process. However, it is clear that the workflow email step does not recognize the "Assigned to" field as an email address. I went in to the SharePoint list and had the field display the email address instead of the full name, but this doesn't work either. How can I send a notification to the person assigned to a task? This person is NOT the originator (the one who created the task). It's just the person assigned to it. Help please! I'm getting desperate and I've spent hours trying to figure this out.

FYI I am using K2 Designer for SharePoint 2010 to accomplish this.

Thank you in advance!


7 replies

Welcome to the forum! You can get this right by selecting the "Notify participants when they receive a work
" option that is part of the Participant configuration. The next step of the wizard will let you customize the email notification.

Thank you for your response, however, I think maybe I didn't make it clear what I'm trying to do.

Using the "Notify Participants" feature will allow me to notify the "Originator" (which is the person who created the task) OR the Originator's Manager (also not the person I want to notify). I don't want to predefine the participant either. What I would like to do is use the SharePoint column "Assigned To" people field to populate the email "to" field. The person that the task is assigned to is not going to be the "Originator" nor is it going to the the Originator's "Manager", and it will vary and may not be the same person every time (which is why I don't want to predefine it).

There doesn't appear to be a way to accomplish this with K2, which is shocking to me, because it's such a basic feature to all other workflow products I've used, including Nintex and SharePoint Designer.

How do I send a notification email to the person in the "Assigned To" column of the SharePoint tasks list? Is that not possible with K2?

If you can point out how to do this, I will be incredibly grateful. Thanks for taking the time to help me.

Hi Anada,

To assign a task to somebody you use some sort of logic in the Participants section of the User Task step, how are you doing this, what does this configuration look like?

Based on this configuration K2 will create tasks both internal to K2 and also add a record to the User Task list in SharePoint, essentially this is the same set of users defined as participants. The “Notify participants when they receive a work item” is intended to notify the participants (not limited to originator or manager).

As an example, let say I have a SP Group that I use as the Participant for a User Task (this can also be AD Groups, SP List, K2 Role), this group get resolved at runtime at the time that the step is executed so it remains dynamic, once executed its resolved and each user will get a task assigned using the “Notify participants when they receive a work item” will notify only users that resolved as part of the group. 

Feel free to share what the configuration of your Participants look like and I can make recommendations specific to your scenario.

Chat soon,


Hello Renier,

Thanks again for your response. Here is the basic process...

There is a Project Tasks list that contains various project-related tasks assigned to various individuals on the project team. The "Assigned To" column is used for the assignment of tasks and is assigned to a single individual. Each team member has various tasks and the tasks are not shared between team members. There is also a "Status" field that allows the team member to notify the reviewer that a project task is ready to review. The values for the "Status" column are "Submitted for Review", "Approved", "Rejected".

One of the managers creates and assigns tasks to various team members. Using the standard SharePoint list capabilities, team members are notified via email that they have a new task waiting for them.

The team member works on the assigned task. When the task is ready for review, the team member selects "Submitted for Review" in the "Status" column. A K2 Designer for SharePoint workflow is triggered and sends an email to the creator of the project task. (I have this part working without any problems)

The project manager reviews the task that has been submitted for review and decides to either approve or reject the submitted task. K2 Designer for SharePoint workflow is triggered and needs to notify the person who is ASSIGNED TO the task using the "Assigned To" people column for that project task. (This is where I am having problems)

I am not having any problems using the Workflow Context field to notify the Creator of the project task that the project task is ready to review. What I am having incredible difficulty doing is determining HOW to send an email using the ASSIGNED TO column (people column) in SharePoint. When I drag the SharePoint "Assigned To" field into the "To:" portion of the Email Notification workflow step, it is being interpreted as a user account (ie. DomainUser) instead of an email account (ie.

So the question is: How do I send a workflow Notification Email to the person that is listed in the project task "Assigned To" field? The participant needs to be the person indicated in the SharePoint Assigned To field in the project task. This is an incredibly simple thing to do in Nintex and SharePoint Designer. So it confounds me that the K2 solution is not obvious to me. Do you know how to accomplish this simple task? Thanks a lot for your time and help, it's greatly appreciated.

Hi Ananda,

if you can get the assigned to column value, you can use activity destination rule to handle this.

please refer this link:

BTW, how do you get "assigned to" value, I cannot figure it out.




Hello DavidZ,

Thank you for your prompt reply. It appears that the link you sent refers to K2 Studio. Is there a way to accomplish this in K2 Designer for SharePoint?

To answer your question, the "Assigned to" value is obtained from the SharePoint Columns list in the Context Browser when creating an Email Notification. The screenshot for that is in the above post. :)


Hi Ananda,  thank you
for the additional info. For your scenario best would be to make use of an
inline function to transform “domain/user” into email address. Also feel free
to log this as feedback on the ticketing system