Export rules/expressions/controls setup for a view/form

  • 16 January 2018
  • 3 replies

Does anyone know of a way to export the rules/expressions/controls that have been setup for a view/form? 


After setting up each form, I create a backup but the setup documentation is taking a long time.  I was hoping someone could advise on an easier way to have a record of rules/expressions/controls setup per view/form.




3 replies

Hi Sana,

Do you still have this problem?

I have been working on a different problem recently that may contain some answers for you. It will take some time to get a detailed answer for you so just want to guage how usefull this would be for you? What outcome do you want from being able to export the form?




At the moment I am taking screenshots of the rules, expressions and saving them in a word document.   I was hoping there be a way to get that data from the database/K2 so I can keep a record of what has been setup.


I am hoping to a have against each form - what views it contains, for each view what controls are included, what rules are setup, what expressions are setup, if possible which controls have which expression.  I know asking for a lot.  Even if I could just get a list of rules/expressions for each view that be a good start.

I also have similar type of requirment. if anyone have any insights , please share