How do you Audit Log all changes to users in the K2 Workspace

  • 17 August 2020
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Our customer asks how we can get audit-logging for all add/remove/modifies for users in K2, i.e. if you change the rights of a user to a given Process, etc.


There is an AD logging system but that only shows when AD was accessed.


Does anyone know how to get this detail? Is it in K2Five maybe?


Thanks in advance.

3 replies

Hi  @Xuber_TGB ,


From K2 5.3 onwards, you can utilize the Security Audit SmartObject to generate an audit log of all security changes in your K2 environment. Please see our documentation on this topic.




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Sorry I realised I didn't say in the opening post that we are using K2 Blackpearl. This seems to be something called Nexus. Is that part of K2 Five, which I understand to be the next version of K2 that we are using on our latest product version but which a lot of our customers aren't yet using.


Or is K2 5.3 a different branch?


And does that mean you're confirming this isn't something that can be done with K2 Blackpearl 4.7?


Thanks a lot


Sorry, possibly I should have @lkimberly  in that last reply!