Link to shared network drive in smartforms

  • 25 April 2015
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I am trying to link to a shared network drive in smartforms and I can't seem to find a way.  I have tried using the hyperlink control but it doesn't accept the file:// protocol.  Is there another control I am missing that would be able to link to a shared drive?


Thank you for your assistance.

2 replies

If all you want is a hyperlink then please try this.


Drag a data label on the form or view. Then in the text property of the data label type type the following html hyperlink.


<a href=htp://something> click here</a>


Now when you run the form or view it should turn into t click me link.


Hope that helps

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I'm trying to do the same exact thing and my A hrefs keep going away and I can't get it to link.  This is in a HTML Control I'm using to pass a link into an email.


Tried the original a href=" "  and it added in a a href="file///S:\aksldjfklajskdjfa"  didn't work.

Now I'm trying the a href=htp and it disappears and still doesn't work.


Need to link to a Shared Folder  S:\folderfolderfolderfilename

<a href=htp://sharedfolderFileName.docx">Click Here</a>
<a href="file:///sharedfolderFileName.docx">Click here to reference FlowCal membership</a>