Oath 2 Configuration

  • 21 May 2018
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We have set up an app in  and connected it with our Azure B2C directory.  It's a different standard so using the Microsoft Office (Azure AD configuration)  configuations are different to what is stated in


I'm wondering if anyone here has had any experience setting this diffent Auth type up in K2 and the configuration settings differences?



EDIT : I'm mainly looking at Claims/Issuer settings,  as the Oauth/Resource stuff is setup properly.

5 replies

I am unsure of how to turn of K2 Authentications need for 'state'

Hi Capz,


Please see below link:


I hope this helps.


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Had anyone had any success making K2 Oauth resources OpenID compatible.

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Good day Capz, I have. 

I have successfully setup K2 to authenticate against Identity Server 4 and Auth0. Inbox me and we can chat further.

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The same here, anyone success configuring Oauth2 client_credential grant type ?