Register a Form on K2 Workdesk

Hello again guys.

I'm using the workdesk and I'm trying to configure a new Workdesk for the users.

The problem is that I can't find a way to register new forms in order to use them in the Workdesk.


Do you a way to register the forms? Or where should I register them? There's an option to register a form using the URL but is not working.

I can't find a button or a form to do it. 

Please, look at the screenshots below.



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The issue was caused by using form url including the path i.e. “”


The issue was resolved by 

Enabling “Is Registered SmartForm?” setting, and only use SmartForm name (MobileApp View) in Link Form Or URL.



I am facing the same problem. And my question is how can I get a SmartForm registered in the Workdesk application in order to use the "Registered form" option and selecting it from the list. In the list of registered forms I am only able to see SmartStarter applications and not my own developments.  


Thanks in advance.