Repeating Table using SmartForms and a GetList SmartObject method

  • 18 March 2014
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I would like to know if a repeating table with dropdown list can be created using smartforms

I have a list on SharePoint that has 3 columns where columns B and C are dependent on selecting a value from column A

I do have a SmartObject created with a GetList method , and the only option I was able to find is to generate a view which only allows to display the whole list  and I am able to add a tool Bar Button control with the option to Add/Remove and save



See an example of the view I would like to configure with the capability of inserting  a row and deleting a row using SmartForms



Is there a similar functionality as infopath repeating table in SmartForms?


Thank you



5 replies



I would suggest that you try using an SmartForms Editable List View. This is basically a table view that allows for Adding, Editing, and Deleting of records bound to a SmartObject. Also a textbox may be substituted with various controls, including a drop-down list allowing for easy data entry.





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Hi Taariq,


Thanks for your suggestion, we did use a SmartObject Getlist method and a Smartform View to pull the data  similar to the screen shoot below. We added the ability to Add/Delete and Save functions  and we've tested it and it does achieve what we wanted to do similar to the repeating table on InfoPath



Thanks again for your help





Hi Rogers,


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Hi Taariq,


We can use list view as a repeatable section when we add new item, could you please tell how this repeatable section will be displayed on display smart form for multiple items in this section.

Please see attached screenshots for more information and clarity