Reverse deployment (from production to development)

  • 26 November 2019
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Due to the misconception during initial use of K2 designer, our Production and Development is different being the production having the latest and workable version. Only different on the designer part, the workflow are the same. 


Currently the intention is to made changes to the existing workflow. Minor changes, add a smart object event in 1 of the activities. Because the Prod & Dev are different, I couldn't do this. If I do packaging from Dev(working on workflow  K2 studio) and deploying it to Prod will revert the current working version to old version.


I'm considering to package everything from the Prod and deploy it to Dev. But I'm not certain of what to expect during and after the process, maybe you can give us a heads up.


Also, would it be an issue if I update the Prod workflow directly without going through packaging and deployment? Is it possible/safe to do so? 



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Hi  @helmi 


Best practice is to align the environment, so I would recommend packaging your solution from Prod and deploy it to Dev.

If the change on the workflow side, yes you can make the changes to the workflow directly in production because it is easy to revert back workflow versions from the workspace/management, however this is not best practice.