Screen flicker when executing SmartObjects

  • 16 September 2020
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Hi All


Does anyone know of any clever trick to reduce or elimate the screen flicker when SmartObjects are being exectured on a SmartForm.


I'm aware you can use 'When Server loads the view' event to have Smartobjects run prior to the form loading but in my instance I have lots that run after that.




2 replies

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What sort of rules are you using to execute your smartobjects? One after another, concurrently, in a batch... depending on what sort of things your SmartObjects are doing, one of those rules may help limit screen flickering. You can also consider different approaches as to when you display your various views. I like to keep everything hidden on my form by default until all the SmartObjects have run. I then make things visible and run any additional rules based on the data that was loaded.

Hi Paul! 

I was also a bit annoyed with the screen flickering. When looking in to it i found that if the smartobject was set as datasource in the general tab and i executed a method on the view instead of excuting the smartobject in the rule directly the flickering was almost eliminated.   

Best Regard David