smartform to PDF or HTML or something

  • 8 August 2012
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I have a form that is being filled out that needs to be printed to some format (pdf preferably) and sent to a customer. This obviously means I can't give them a link to open the form on our server.

I don't see any rules to do it and I don't see anywhere I can put code in without writing a custom control.

I'm sure there's a way to persist a form in this way and I'm just not seeing it...

Appreciate any assistance.


5 replies

it's amazing feature if can do export to HTML of PDF


This has been requested as a feature and will be included in
the product roadmap. If you can’t wait for this I would suggest having a look at “Creating
a custom control” under documentation on
this should get you going with creating a custom control that will get you the
required functionality


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Please look at the following link:


Hi All ,





In K2 SmartForms version 1.0.6 ,how can we disable HTML Literals for the rule changes ?



When we try to changes/see the transfer data(configue) condition in rules , we are unable to see the properties.Everytime we require to first remove all the literals and then  we can the literals..

Is there any other way , so that without removing HTML Literals we can the configure properties in rules.


Need pointers in this ASAP




Would usng set control properties rule olve this issue instead of using the trasfer data rule.