The given key was not present in the dictionary

I'm getting this error in the "Error Profiles" in Workspace with an InfoPath form integrated process. 

Basically, the process is 5 approvals in series - the initial submission and the first review work correctly.

As reported in the Error Profiles section, "Second Review Activity" errors out with "The given key was not present in the dictionary"

Console Mode shows the following (among other uninteresting messages) when attempting to retry:

Outcome Evaluation: Started
Outcome Evaluation Result: Approve
Outcome Evaluation: Completed

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I am also getting this error.  I created a simple approval process for an infopath form.  I deployed and ran.  The first form submitted fine.  When I submitted the form to launch the workflow, the workflow starts and the item goes directly into the default error profile with the subject as the reason.

I also came across this error today using a different form that Jason's and a different process.  This occurred on a process that was previously working before, I made changes only to the way the InfoPath form was uploaded to the document library at the end of the process and redeployed the workflow.  I was able to submit the process fine but on the first step, it errors out with the same error that Jason and Rob has been getting, "The given key was not present in the dictionary".  I am pretty sure the change to the upload event did not cause this issue since it is failing 3 steps/activity before the upload event.

Any thoughts?

Hi Kong, I hit the same error as well. I did not make any significant changes to the process only changing the Infopath base form.

I just got this error too and I am stuck now on a little demo I am trying to pull together.  Anyone get a resolution???

Thanks - Jason

I found this -

The only way for me to get rid of the error was to delete the activity itself.  If I try to delete that event, the error would still come back.  Plus the error still seems to just resurface again and again.  Anyone know what is up?



From your description this seems to relate to a known issue that can be fixed by installing a post-SP4 patch available from the portal.

Try it on your testing envirioment.


Hi Gabriel,

This thread is referring to BlackPearl projects, not K2 2003 project.  (SP4 is only for K2 2003).

But thanks for the suggestion anyway.



Gah - this came back and got me again.  This time I got the error in a SmartObject when I was hooking a method up to multiple services.  I ended up blowing away all the methods and thier relationships, rebuilt it the again (trust me I did not do anything different the second time through) and it worked...


I’m faced with the same issue. Mine occur when associating more than two smartobjects (Smartbox objects) to a Salesforce smartobject. If i then run the get list method, it boms out, but if i only associate the methods of two or less SOs all works well.


I was working fine with a Web interface calling smartobject methods when this issue sunddenly started happening on code that had been throroughly tested and unchanged. I noticed that my K2 Server was very low on memory, something I'm not unfamiliar with when it comes to K2 dev.

 Restarted my server and everything was fine again. I also found that when developing, visual studio eats memory when using the wizards. Closing VS or occasionally minimizing releases some of the memory. I have noticed that the server also seems to eat memory (K2HostServer.exe) when you deploy workflows. K2 combined with visual studio is not my friend today.

as for me it appeared when using the Urm's GetUsersRole method in some smartobject