Two-Factor Authentication

  • 13 July 2015
  • 4 replies

Has anyone tried to setup two-factor authentication?

4 replies

Hi johnnylok,


I've seen it implemented a few times using several different mechanisms.  I've seen the AAD STS used in some way (the configuration is beyond my scope), as well as Auth0 used previously to implement 2 factor.  I don't belive its something the out of the box STS will work with, but, you can certainly replace that issuer with any SAML provider and gain some additional functionality.




Hi All,


Is there any references I can use for Two-Factor-Authentication for K2? Thanks




I have requirement for the two factor authentication.

let me know if have any references.


In the approach to the issue of two-factor authentication, it is worth considering reliable similar system examples of dspa as dynamic strong protection of your data, passwords, and cards. Active Directory allows you to change your access password multiple times. In turn, there is a specialized LDAP resource to ensure convenience in the user's own parameters. Using cloud storage with databases as part of the system. And of course these methods are used by the same Microsoft with support for azure active directory which makes it not an unpleasant part of the entire system of your full protection.