User Manager returned an empty queue

  • 27 April 2012
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Hi ,

Iam getting the below error in the Host Server Log file.

UMEmptyQError","K2DestQueue.RunDestQueue","24148 The User Manager returned an empty queue.","anonymous"

There are several lines of the same text in the log file.

The event viewer shows the following ,

24148 The User Manager returned an empty queue.

What are the steps to be followed to solve this error?





6 replies

This means that you have defined groups in  [K2Server].[dbo].[_DestQueue]

It refreshes it every 10 minutes (I assume).

Either fix the data or you can delay it by updating Interval column abd NextUpdate.In following case it puts the interval to 24 hours and also will disappear till next year 🙂.

update [K2Server].[dbo].[_DestQueue]



set Interval=86400, NextUpdate='2013-05-14 15:04:11.673'






Thank you.

After running this query, if i add or remove Users from the Groups , will the changes be in effect , or will K2 take the last refreshed value?




Hi Rajesh,

Dont modify the tables. Doing so will invalidate the support agreement with K2.

"User Manager returned an empty queue" - This message is logged if your K2 roles does not have atleast one valid user. To stop the messages being logged, you must add atleast one user to all the roles, or delete the empty roles. Note: If the roles have AD groups, those groups must have atleast one user.

Thank you.

I am getting the same issue when trying to send an email back to the originator. This was working all fine in the past and the issue seems to match other issues related to the upgrade to 4.6.6.

The originator is defined and the calling "Get E-mail from User" method of the "Users and Groups" does return a valid value.

Any suggestion ? here is the log:

"117142","2013-08-28 16:36:40","Error","General","24148","UMEmptyQError","K2DestQueue.RunDestQueue","24148 The User Manager returned an empty queue.","anonymous","","TISAPWFDEV:C:Program Files (x86)K2 blackpearlHost ServerBin","117142","5f38cc74633349b4a87bcf121cf9eced",""

Hi WilfriedKopp,


This seem to be a known issue, please review the following KB in the given link below to see the possible workaround.


Note. You wil need to contact K2 support as direct K2 DB modification can only be done under support supervision.


Best regards,