ViewFlow in Other Browsers

Has anyone displayed the viewflow in browsers other than IE ?

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Using FF it says Silverlight is installed.

However when viewing flow it doesn't recognize Silverlight is installed.

I have checked Silverlight is installed for all browsers we use(Chrome, Mozilla, & IE);

Yet I cannot open the viewflow in Chrome, except when I open the url in an IE Tab.

Can I render the View Flow as an Image ?..I know, not the most elegant way, but we have users with different browsers in the organization :-(


Chances are your URL is not well formed. You will need to include all parameters that ViewFlow require, not just the ProcInst ID. I know it works with IE (and I can't really tell why it doesn't work in the others), but when I use the fully parameterized URL in Chrome and FF, it renders OK. So in short:

  • http://YourWorkspace/workspace/TasklistControl/ViewflowMain.aspx?ProcessID=12345 - Only works in IE

  • http://YourWorkspace/workspace/TasklistControl/ViewflowMain.aspx?K2Server=YourK2Server%3a5252&HostServerName=YourK2Server&HostServerPort=5555&ProcessID=12345 - Works in IE, Chrome & FF

I haven't called it in the URL, but when using non-default K2 ports, they need to be updated in the URL as well.

I have tried this;

  • The ViewFlow that is returned when Opening the Worklist using the API, works in IE and Firefox;

  • In FF I receive a challange response, and afterwards I get the silverlight install screen

  • Both urls don't work in Chrome,except in the IE Tab;


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    Dear all,

    Has anybody found any solution to this?

    Having in mind that IE is going out little by little, I am not sure how we will use View Flow in the future.

    Many thanks!