VPC Hardware Virtualization

  • 31 August 2007
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I have experienced alot of errors in K2BP recently while developing on a MS 2007 VPC. After hours of debugging and attempts to find the cause of the problem, it came to light that my VPC Options did list the "Enable hardware virtualization" option, but it was not enabled to be selected.

When the exact same VPC and all its content was connected to and started with a PC that did support and enable VPC Hardware Virtual, all seem to be fine. I will be conducting further testing, but just very peculiar.

Please take not of this scenario, since it was very frustrating and time cosuming to finally pin point the problem.

Happy coding!

1 reply


What errors did you get before that you are not getting anymore?

This is very surprising, since turning on Hardware Virtualization allows VPC code to run directly on the physical processor in virtualized mode, if you are running a windows VPC with Virtual PC Additions installed, it runs almost entirely virtualized any way even with that Hardware Virtualization disabled.