Would expiring K2 activity will remove start rule on it too ?

  • 5 September 2014
  • 2 replies

In K2 process i designed I need to expire an activity and it's start rule, would expiring the activity be enough in this case ? e.g. would it going to remove start rule on the activity too ?


Looking at the workflow activity with a start rule doesn't seem to expired, maybe because the start rule hasn't been triggered yet but I want it to expire activity and delete start rule regardless.


string activity ="Activity Name";  K2.ExpireActivity(activity);


2 replies

The ExpireActivity() method only expires the activitiy if it has already started.  Start rules delay the start of a particular activity, so there is nothing to expire if the activity hasn't started.

Thanks for your reply.


Let me rephrase my words, there is a stage in my process where I want to remove Start rule from a particular activity (it's not started yet but it has a start rule for a certain date in future).


"so there is nothing to expire if the activity hasn't started."


But thing is I don't want it to start the activity anymore...