Add a block of text to a view

  • 13 November 2017
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In K2 Designer (K2 Five) how do I add a simple block of custom text to the layout? I have built a form but need a place to add a couple paragraphs of html text in with the controls. In the view designer, I tried adding a "label" from the toolbox, and that works great if I only need to add a couple words, but it is not sufficient for html text; I can't type directly into the cell, and I do not see any other tools that will allow me to do this. Any ideas?

5 replies



There is a character limit of 255 on the Text data type. As a workaround, you may use a Data Label control instead, change the Data Type from Text to Memo, add a ‘Transfer Data’ action rule and input your desired html text in the data label field within the rule configuration.


Hope this helps. 

Hi Ikimberly, I'm not talking about a control or input field. I'm talking about paragraph text displayed on the form in


Say, for example, I need to add a lengthy set of instructions at the top of the form (using html p, ul, li, a tags).


I don't see anything that allows me to add that text onto the form.

Hi bmorgan,


There is a HTML literal control available for download from our K2 Community Market here:-


Once installed, drag the control into the Design canvas, and you can use it to display your own HTML content on the Form. 

This may also be possible using Data Label control, with the 'Literal' Property bound to an Expression that has your HTML <div>, <p>, <ul> tags and text.


Thanks Ikimberly,


The HTML literal plugin does what I need.