Auto refresh list view every x seconds or minutes

  • 30 October 2017
  • 3 replies

I have come across another post that recommends a Timer Control but then in the comments someone stated this is now new functionality in K2Five. Is this correct and if so how do I set my list view to auto-refresh every x minutes/seconds without taking action on the form?

3 replies

Would you happen to have the post where this was indicated for reference?


On a separate note, the Timer control is still available in K2 Five; so this Timer control implementation to refresh a list view is still possible.

There is no such features has been added into k2 Five. you can still use existing Timer Control



Try using the timer control. See below instructions on how to set it up. 


  1. Create a smartObject
  2. Generate a listView
  3. Edit view and add a timer control on the canvas
  4. Go to rules and on the When View executed initialize add "execute time controls start method"
  5. Configure the rule and set the interval to 5000 and the Number of ticks to 1
  6. Click Finish and OK
  7. Add another rule 
    1. When Timer control is ticked, execute the list refresh method. 
    2. Save and finish
  8. Run View. 

Also attached a sample project. Auto