Can you create custom layout for list views?

  • 17 September 2020
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I am struggling with the fact that my listview has to many columns to nicely fit on the screen. So I was wondering if there is a way to transform the layout into something where 1 record is like a table within the row which could have rows itself and multiple columns. Take for example the list of topics on this website. 1 record is 3 rows high and fields can be placed either on separate rows or in different cells on the same row.

By using a different layout where fields of one record could also be under or above each other, you could present more columns and make it readable as well.

4 replies

Hi  @MdenHeijer ,


On creation of your List View, you could choose the option to "Create Layout Table Only".

Then after this, add tables to your View and design the View Layout before adding any fields from your SmartObject, then adding the fields on the layout that you designed.


Hope this helps, please tell me if I misunderstood your problem.


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Hi  @Dian ,


This is not what I meant. Maybe this example will clarify my issue. Take the example below. Here you see a list of records, but instead of having 5 columns next to each other, you see that the fields are transformed into a layout like 


|____TITLE__________________________|  COUNT |__DATE_|


My question is, is there a way to organise columns like in this example using the height of a (in this case) double row to present more fields in a readable format, instead of placing them all next to each other which would probably make the columns to narrow to read the full content (or text would be wrapped in an ugly way).


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I dont think that is possible. I think your best bet is either to change the width of the columns or maybe create a custom table and use controls (like the listbox control) to display the data from the SmartObject. You can put controls in different rows/columns in your table to make it more user friendly.


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Maybe you can try to display your listview inside Content control