Capture User name when user redirect user from worklist control

  • 31 July 2020
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I want to capture user name/display name whom to redirect/delegate task from worklist control.


I am trying to get name in When Worklist is Redirected, but there is no option available in that.

Is there any way to get user name from worklist control.

3 replies

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Perhaps you can use the Activity Instance Audit Reporting SmartObject to get this information after the user has completed the redirect task.


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@khanh Is there any way to capture whom to share/delegate task?


because in Activity Instance Audit, i am not getting person name whom it is delegate/share task when i used in "When Workflist is Shared" rule

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Hi BB33,


I suggest you have a look at the following post on the community forum relating to your question.

I hope that this is able to help you in some way or answer your question.





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