Conditional Formatting of Dropdown-List in ListView

  • 7 December 2020
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We have upgraded from K2 5.2 to 5.3 recently. Since that I’m facing a strange bug on a ListView.

The ListView has 3 dates, a column where we calculate the difference in days between these dates and a column with a dropdownlist control. Depending on the difference between the dates, the cell of the dropdownlist must have a different color.

For example:

  • Difference between dates is 10 → Color Green
  • Difference between dates is 100 → Color Red
  • No Dates entered → No background color

This was working perfectly on 5.2, but now I have a problem with the first row. After the Form has been loaded, all rows have the correct color. In case I edit the first row, still everything is OK. But, if I do a change in any other row, the first row loses its color.

Screenshot after load:


Screenshot after change in second row:


In the conditional format of the dropdownlist, I use the expression, that calculates the difference between the dates. I have tried using the datalable directly, but this only validates the first row, so I need to use the expression itself.


Does anyone have a clue how to get this working again?




2 replies

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Hi @adrianlang,


That is weird, if your expressions were working fine then it is a possible bug. I think your best bet is to go over them one last time and if you cant find anything open a support ticket. You can also post screenshots of your expressions here so someone can have a look and maybe find a solution/ workaround.


Kind Regards


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Hi @Prineel,

Thanks for your reply. The expression is quite simple and also displays in the column next to the highlighted text the correct value.


But maybe someone is able to see something, that I’m not able to see right now.