dynamic parallel subworkflow

  • 24 November 2017
  • 2 replies

i want to create a dynamic branch based on datafield that call sub workflow. each of the path will work parallel.


is there any way to do that or should i define all of the path first?i've been stumped for days

2 replies

Hello Andika,


Have you looked into configuring the Split step and setting up custom logic to use a split rule?


You can use an if statement to check your datafield and based on the check determine if the desired path should be included or not.



Hope that helps,


so i have to define all of the path first?

I'm using the same sub workflow for every path. i tried used loop function, but the next step can't wait for the previous step to finish first before executing the next step. I already ask the K2 people about this, they said that my design can't be implemented in K2 five for now.

is there any other way for dynamic parallel sub workflow?