How to filter list view based on multiple values in another control

  • 15 November 2020
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I am trying to filter a List View according to values in another control.

Filtering a list view according to a value in another control works when there is only one value in that control, but I need according to multiple values.

I tried doing this with a List box control but then saw that this is not enabled: Under section "Considerations" it states “You cannot use the delimited output from a multi-select control as a filter value in a list view or a SmartObject method”


List View contains all employees in my company: A to Z

In my department: A is a manager that manages B and C, D is a manager that manages E and F.

I build a control containing employees A and D and would like to see in the list view all employees of the department [Where manager column in employee list is A or D] thus: C, D, E, F.


4 replies

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Hi Shmayah,

Please have a look at the links below to assist you with your question.

Please let me know if these help you with resolving your problem.


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Dear KevinZ,

Thank you for your response.

First link explains how to define filters on Views but all examples show filters on fields containing 1 value only (I would like to filter on multiple values).

Second link explains regarding tree control but does not explain on filtering.

Third link is more towards what I am looking for but still not it: The picker control is filtered according to 1 value in the Drop-Down List control (not multiple values) and in addition the outcome of the filter is shown in the picker control itself but I would like the results to show in the list view.

What I am looking for would be like: Show in my list view all results where value in column A exists in any line of column B (which could be another smart object column or a control with multiple values).


Thank you,



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Hi Shmayah,

I’ve found another link that seems to be more related to your question that could be of help.
How to apply filtering to an Editable List View on Multiple drop-down List Changes



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Dear Kevinz

Thank you again for your time.

I can not see the pictures in the page you sent me, is that only me or you as well?

This functionality is indeed useful also for me, but still does not answer my above need exactly, that is because in the dropdown fields I can only select one value each time (even when I can select 1 value for each column in the editable list per dropdown control), I would like to filter the editable list according to all values in a dropdown list.


Best regards,