Is it possible to Package and Deployment from K2 five on-prem to K2 Cloud

  • 23 February 2021
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Is it possible to package an application in K2 five on-prem and Deploy in Cloud?


Please share if there is any procedures that are available online.



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Hi @Mani-Natarajan,

You can. I have deployed a few packages from K2 Five to Cloud myself normally, using the package and deployment tool. See below as well:

You can deploy packages created in K2 Five to K2 Cloud as long as the packages only contain items that are available in K2 Cloud, and the artifacts in the package were designed using a tool available in K2 Cloud.


Please find the attach PDF document which contains the considerations for package and deployment. You can also watch this youtube video on how to deploy a package :

Hope this helps :)

Kind Regards