K2 5.4 - Save as PDF Table Formatting

  • 6 August 2020
  • 1 reply

I am struggling with an issue in K2 5.4 with the Save as PDF Control


The Save as PDF control does not seem to be evaluating the cell width property and is instead setting each cell to 100% width, causing each cell to wrap to the next row. I have tried changing the Save as PDF Control Page size and changing the Item View table column widths from percent to px. Still same issue. I have attached two screenshots below.


Pictures are attached. Form.png is of the actual form, while PDF.jpg is the output from the Save as PDF Control


Any help would be appreciated.



1 reply



I was able to reproduce something similar.  However, the text boxes remained at their original sizes, but were placed in different areas on the generated PDF than how they appeared in Runtime.  I would recommend logging a new support ticket and having the K2 Support staff look into this on a deeper level, as it seems to be a bug.