K2 App giving deep link error on mobile

  • 28 July 2020
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i have created  a K2 app that needs to be accessible on mobiles.

i have it published as an applicatoin and is visible in K2 workspace app.


not all people use the app, but for those that do, when the click on the link to the app, it loads in workspace and gives a 

Deep Link error


how do i resolve this?




4 replies

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Hi Braddo,


From what I was able to find and according to this link,

It seems that Deep-linking is available on Android devices for K2 Mobile, but is available on IOS.

Could you clarify if the devices experiencing this issue are both IOS and Android or only Android.





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Hi 5 android devices tested. And they get the error
IPhone tested, but the link opens in browser and not workspace app
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Hi  @braddo 


I found a KB that might help on how to configure items to open within the mobile app rather than a browser window on the K2 Mobile app.


K2 Mobile: Configure a URL to Open Item in K2 Mobile App




That doesn't work.
It talks about K2 mobile, the app is now K2 workspace