K2 Five for SharePoint: K2 Page not found

  • 25 September 2020
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Hi K2 Community Team,


We are trying to use the K2 Five For SharePoint in our custom team site. We have managed to deploy and activate the K2 Five For SharePoint in our custom team site and have selected SmartObject, SmartForms and Workflow as the elements which we want to use in our list. We are able to open and edit the SmartObject, Views, Forms and Workflow via the K2 Application without any issues.


However, when we try to add new item under the list, it returns the following error message.


Error Message: 'K2 Page not found. The page you're looking for doesn't exist.'

Redirect URL: <Team Site URL>/K2forSharePoint/Pages/Forms/NewForm.aspx


Based on the Redirect URL, we are unable to find a list/document library named as 'K2forSharePoint' in the team site's site content. We have tried to search via SharePoint Designer (just in case the list/document library is set to hidden), but we still could not find 'K2forSharePoint' or any K2 related stuffs.


We have tried deactivating and re-deploying the K2 App in the team site, however, it still returns the same error message when we try to add new item in the list.


Appreciate for any assistance on this issue and if there are any alternatives to K2 Five for SharePoint.


Thank you.

2 replies

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Hi there @yuetmeng ,

I believe I have only come across this issue when deploying the wrong app version. 
Could you advise as to what version of the SharePoint app you have?

To do so: 

  1. Open App Catalog
  2. Open Site Contents
  3. Click on the ellipsis button (...) and choose About

I am not sure what type of environment you have or what system you require but if it is in fact on premises then the on premises app would be preferred (5.1.1000.100). 

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Hi Esmari,


The version for K2 Five for SharePoint app is 5.1.1000.100.