K2 Five - Visual Studio and Custom Code

  • 28 September 2017
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With K2 Five, will there be any support for visual studio or is it all in browser?  Are you still able to add custom code?


Is there any available documentation yet?  If not, do you have a release date?




David Scott

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Hi David


I think you will find this article useful: 

Thanks for the replies.


I guess a new K2Five farm is not going to be an option .


It also sounds like the upgrade process could be quite challenging.






The new designer is browser-based but we've got a great story with REST, OData and access to the legacy API that allows you to use, or continue to use, custom code. We'll be releasing more information in the coming weeks. The REST and OData documentation are available on the portal. I've linked to each. 


If you've got specific questions related to what you're doing, please let me know and we'll follow-up with what you need.



You can still use Visual studio  for custom code with K2 5.0. However , you have to use Visual studio 2013 and above and also its better to upgrade from 4.7.



Nilesh Nimje

Those aren't the details I'm getting through tickets.  From what I was told there is only support for code in the legacy UI.  There will be no code in workflows for the new UI.


This is very difficult to take in.  We purchased K2 on the basis that it was a LOW code and not a No-Code solution.  With these changes we don't understand what the value proposition is vs companies like Nintex.  We went to the company becuase it supported code.  Now we have to pick a different vendor.

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It will still be possible to use custom code in K2 Five. However, it will require a redesign of how you currently use it.

I believe the idea is to surface your custom code via an endpoint, that can be invoked from the Service Object layer. You won't be able to just drop down to the code behind like you can in Visual Studio today, but there ARE ways to leverage custom code - whether it be as a web service, or some other kind of endpoint.