K2 Server Service wont start

  • 1 February 2021
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This is the error I got from starting K2 Server Service.
My K2 Server version is 5.0003.1000.2

Any Idea how to start it properly?


4 replies

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Hello @leveranij,


Please check your event log and provide the error message. Also, is this happened all of a sudden or after performing any upgrade this issue is happening?



Divya Raj

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Hi @leveranij,


You can also do a k2 configuration analysis and see if anything (like the k2 server) is not working as expected.


Kind Regards


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Hi Leveranij,


You may check the details in your hostserver log that was generated during that time.

You are able to find this log in the path below 


[K2 install Drive]\K2\HostServer\Bin


Hope this helps


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Thank you for the advices, 

I was able to solve this by checking all logs, and it turns out the log_backup in the DB is full so I need to shrink it.