Route workitem to another user

  • 31 October 2020
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When I route a work item to a specific user, it should get removed from all others queue. So that assigned person will work on the item.

For example, workitem1 can be viewed by User A, User B and User C. When A assign it to C, the  work item should get disappear from queue of User A & B.

How do we set this ?

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Create a Role, add user A,B,C to the role.   Assigned the role to Task  ( do not need to resolve role/group to user). use custom voting list  in Task Result Rule, , if 1 approve then result is approve.


This task will be sent to all users in the role/group and the first user who open the task in worklist become the task owner,  the task will be disappear from the rest of users.   If task owner do not want to action on the task he/she can release the task back to the group  or redirect to specific user.  If the task released back to group, all users will be able to see the task