SERIUOUSLY slow performance on a KT Solution on SharePoint

  • 3 September 2020
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I have just deployed a solution to our live environment which is quite a big solution in that it has a fair bit of logic in the forms, although the workflows I don't think aren't that complex.

The issue I have is that this is the second solution I have deployed to our live enviroment and the forms TAKE AN AGE to load..... It's really bad! 

Before I go into doing a screen recording of how long it takes and doing endless screenshots of my forms logic, can I ask what server/disc/ram etc resources you all have in your SharePoint environment to facilitate quick load of K2 solutions in SharePoint?


1 reply

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Hello  @JulieBird 


I would implement some monitoring to attempt to isolate or determine where the load is coming from. I have a couple of resources and reasons this could be the case:


1. How to enable Performance Monitoring on the K2 Service

2. Please ensure that you have the appropriate CU and Fixpacks installed. 
3. If you notice degraded performance, review the following additional logging: 
- Check SQL Server error logging 
- Perform a fiddler trace and attach it (ensuring to decrypt HTTPS calls): 
- Use the standard IIS log files to track individual requests. These logs can help to identify authentication issues and can isolate performance bottlenecks. 
- Implement host server logging + SmartObject logging: 

. Does the performance degrade over time or is there a sudden onset? 
5. During the periods of slow performance, what is the CPU and memory usage of the following Windows processes: 
- K2Hostserver on the K2 Application Server 
- The SQL Server 
- The IIS Worker Process(es) on the K2 SmartForms Server