SourceCode.Workflow.Client hangs on connection.Open

  • 8 October 2020
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I’have following problem: We have some custom app that was working in a production environment for about 3 years, but from two days some problem have started to apear.


The app is using SourceCode.Workflow.Client and when connection.Open(_k2ServerName, connectionString.ToString()) method is called applicaton just hangs. There’s no timeout, no exception. We can wait for an hour and nothing happens.


If we restart K2 Server then everything works for a some time but after some time the problem returns.


W’ve made and upgrade od K2 environment form K2 Five 5.2 to 5.3 about week ago but for a few first days after the upgrade everything was working correclty.


Any suggestion/solutions?


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1 reply

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Is the custom app using a version of the SourceCode.WOrkflow.Client or one of its related DLLs directly from its own bin folder? Those dlls may need to be updated to match the server versions from wherever your application is referencing them.