Where to find K2 Five 5.2 security log

  • 27 July 2020
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Would like to check where to find the Security Audit Log for K2 Five 5.2?

Saw an article "Security Audit SmartObject" from the K2 Portal, however this option that mentioned in the article I'm not able to find from K2 Five 5.2 > K2 Management, think the feature only available for K2 Five 5.3 version.


Is there a place or a way to get the audit log for K2 Five 5.2, for the below? 

- amending of K2 workflow,

- amending workflow approver,

- amending of biz data in K2,

- amending K2 account access rights,

- account that login to K2 platform,

- adding K2 account in K2 platform,

- amending any configuration at K2 platform?.


Appreciated your advice.

Thank you.



1 reply

Hi Demi,


This feature is not available in earlier versions of K2 (5.2), so you would require to upgrade to atleast 5.3 to utilise this fucntionality. perhaps also check if similar logs can be retrieved from the Windows Event viewer.