Workflow Reports>Workflow Analytics>Task visibility to all users

  • 26 June 2018
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in K2 5.0 I want to expose system smart object  "Workflow Reports>Workflow Analytics>Task" to all  users because they must have visibility of the person who is in charge of the task. If user does not have administrator rights it receives this error message:
it's possible to avoid to set administrator permission to all users and see anyway data?

4 replies

It seems like the only right assigned to these users is view rights. Please have a look at the documentation below on the rights needed. The rights required according to documentation is admin.



Thanks for yuor reply,
we know how to set permissions on the workflow on the workflow but we want to make the data visible to all users without setting these ones



Have to tried the workflow reference control(s) and tried to configure them appropriately to display the data you are looking for? These display the information regarding the workflow without having to set permissions to see who is in charge of the task. You will have to do some configuring though as the default settings don't normally include this.


Workflow Controls:

Thanks for your reply! The problem is that it's not possible to filter for Process Instance ID. We tried to make a direct query on the table of K2 database:

SELECT  Slot.[id]
      ,Event.[Name] AS ActiviyName
      ,Actioner.[ActionerName] AS Destination
   ,ProcSet.FullName AS ProcName
  FROM [Server].[WorklistSlot] AS Slot
  INNER JOIN [ServerLog].[Status] AS [Status]
  ON Slot.[Status]=[Status].StatusID
  INNER JOIN [Server].[Actioner] AS Actioner
  ON Slot.ActionerID=Actioner.ID
  INNER JOIN [Server].[WorklistHeader] AS Header
  ON Slot.EventInstID=Header.EventInstID
  AND Slot.HeaderID=Header.ID
  and slot.ProcInstID = Header.ProcInstID
  INNER JOIN [Server].[Event] AS Event
  ON Header.EventID = Event.ID
  INNER JOIN [Server].[ProcInst] AS Process
  ON Slot.ProcInstID=Process.ID
  INNER JOIN [ServerLog].[ProcInst] AS WFName
  ON Slot.ProcInstID= WFName.ID
  INNER JOIN [ServerLog].[ProcSet] AS ProcSet
  ON ProcSet.ID= WFName.ProcSetID
  where GroupName='worklist'

The result is the expected one,  except for "status" that in case of the person who take in charge the task is "Allocated" instead of "Open" And "Avalaible" instead of "Allocated" for other users