Digital Signature v3

  • 29 September 2016
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v3 represents functiaonlity added to  @jikai 's original Digital Signure v2 control

  • Ability to use the Control in an editable list view

  • Ability to return the value of the control as an html literal image


This is a K2 smarforms control that wraps the Signature Pad jQuery plug-in and Signature To Image .NET class.


Previous projects at


Build info

  • Tested for K2 smartforms 4.7

  • Built with Visual Studio 2015


For latest source code, refer to

5 replies

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Works great! Is there a way however to store pre-scanned signature imaged and retrieve them using the control? Ive attempeted it a couple of times but doesnt seem to work.

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Can anyone tell me how to use the signature control?

I've deployed it and attached it to my form successfully and managed to initlaise it for signature.

It appears to save something as the signature in the smartobject but how do I see the saved signatures later to verify them?


I tried running the sample forms but I get an error when trying to do the save part on Save Image with Digital Signature Smartobject and when I run the Save Img to other SmO it saves an object but doesn't load anything on the load method because there's nothing in the smartobject.


Its working good, if I store as json . But I am unable to store as image. Can some one guide me on how to store as image and display as image?


Thank you.

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I have a editable view to allow user sign on the item they requested.

I would like to display the signature column during the list initialize.

Now it only able to show up when the row is in edit mode.

Any one have idea of displaying the signature in the list view during reading mode?


I'm facing a problem when using digital signature in view.

I'm trying to execute the method "Initialise for Signing", this windows login will prompt.

May I know how can I set to don't prompt this login?