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  • 23 September 2015
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I get nothing after i run the bat file. What did i do wrong?

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That depends on the error message I guess. Did you execute the bat file via the cmd line or did you just double click it? You don't get a chance to read the error message when double clicking.


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Excellent custom control!


Only issue I'm having is with event exclusion.


By default the control displays all potential events of the associated workflow.

I have a requirement to exclude events from showing based a predetermined number.

For testing I'm using a hard-coded data label.


I have been unsuccessful in excluding events based on the data label.



  • If Data Label contains 2
  • Exclude Step 3






(Step 3 not excluded)



Any instight on how to exclude events would be greatly appreciated.




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Can I use my own smart object? It seems not working even with the same schema.

I want to use stored proc SMO.

& make use of Description field (dynamic).