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  • 18 December 2013
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Where is the control download link?

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Hi Vishesh,


Please see the Banner on the Market Home page

I believe the Market being migrated to the portal site, for now you need to request the Market item from the administrators as mentioned below


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Hi Mustafa,


Thanks for the screenshot. I know this option but what I'm asking is dont you think it will be very convenient for comunity users to have an option to download the control by them selve. 


Whatever K2 did with community site, specifically for market download is bad user experience.

Very Inconvenient.  


Also If, any of the admins are reading this mesage please send me a control source code and generated control itself.  Also please take a note to bring the download option back to market place.

how do you install them?


I'm hoping there might be some kind of documentation somewhere that might help me understand how to customize the results of rendering this control.  I'm having a little trouble working it out using the Force.



Hello, I need mo modify the code for overlapping. but when i am opening the code in VS 2012/2013 getting the compile error. then i installed the .net framework 4.6.1 version and all compile error get resolved. but when i am using the latest DLL then Calendar control not showing in the smart form. Please help on it.

The calendar control in form is displaying in design mode and the whole design is kind of mess in runtime for a user. But the same is working perfect for another user. What would be the reason and how to find solution.

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Hi sdsd,


Try to clear the browser cache and perform IISRESET

another thing you can try is running the following URL 





if that doesn't help, press f12 when you run the form and inspect the console for any error

Is there any solution for events overlap for the K2 calendar?


Can anybody tell me how the filtering works using the param or filter property. I dont understand what values and what syntax it wants. 


Help is wery appreciated, thanks

Best regards David


I have a long events issue in monthview.

I have been using this to render a staff vacation schedule.

But I have an issue in monthview, when a vacation "event" goes from one month in to the next month it doesnt render in the first month.  


For example: Start date : 20*personal details removed* , End date : 20*personal details removed* newer works.

This only render the event in June but not in May.

Does anyone have any ideas? Or can somebody try if they have the same problem, using K2 5,2

Ps: works perfect in list view year.


Finally have a solution for the long event bug!


Issue: Long Event doesnt render in the first view if event end is later then dates visible in that view. 

For example if an event has a start date :  twentieth of may 2019 and end date: twentieth of june 2019 the event only renders in june.


Solution: There was an logic error in the sql query which made that these events where not included. 

Change the sql query in CalendarAjaxHandler.cs to the following and it will work like a charm.

"SELECT * FROM {0}.{1} WHERE (({2} > '{4:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}' AND {3} < '{5:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}') OR ({3} > '{4:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}' AND {2} < '{6:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}') AND {2} < {3})"


We are getting intermittent refresh issues.  Somtimes the calendar fully populates and sometimes it's a fraction of the data.  We are using a filter and are on 4.7 latest patches.


I've tried iisreset and clearing cache as well.








We are still facing the issue with the long event bug even after implementing of the change from David.


I'm wondering if we are missing some steps.


  1. Changed CalendarAjaxHandler.cs file with the query: SELECT * FROM {0}.{1} WHERE (({2} > '{4:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}' AND {3} < '{5:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}') OR ({3} > '{4:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}' AND {2} < '{6:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}') AND {2} < {3})
  2. Rebuild of the project
  3. Uploaded the new dll to the bin folder of the Designer and Runtime folder
  4. Executed following to update the dll on the assembly "C:Program FilesK2Bincontrolutil.exe" register -assembly:"C:Program FilesK2K2 SmartForms DesignerinSourceCodeANZ.Forms.Controls.Calendar.dll"
  5. Restart the K2 service and IISReset

Any idea on what we are missing?

Thank you,






We finally changed the query as followed and it's now working as expected:

"SELECT * FROM {0}.{1} WHERE (({2} > '{4:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}'AND {2} < '{5:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}') OR ({3} > '{4:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}' AND {2} < '{6:yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm}') AND {2} < {3})"




Receiving the following message from the terminal and the control is not getting installed on the server:


Searching assembly for control type definitions...

Found 0 control type definitions


Any ideas why this is happening?

More information on what I posted above about the error while installing the control:


Searching assembly for control type definitions...

Found 0 control type definitions


More information:

  • Made sure namespace and FullName of the assembly is correct in the Control Type Def file.
  • The project builds fines without errors
  • The DLLs are not blocked
  • The issue is happening when we run “register” on the controlutil.exe file.



Thank you David Nyqvist for your help with my issue regarding the control!

I have a question to everyone else - did anyone manage to display events for any number of chosen users (if I use the calendar to display Leave Request application)? For example, if I pick 3 people, Calendar will display events only for them. If I uncheck one person, Calendar will dynamically hide events for this person, but still will show events for two people chosen earlier.

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Despite all the requests on this forum on some documentation of the properties 'Method params' and 'Filter' I can't find any, other than the pdf in the zip. I have tried a lot of different things, but cannot get my parameter values that i need as input for my list method of the calender items, passed on to the properties of the list method. I have also tried hardcoded values just for testing purposes, but even these don't get passed on the the sql statement behind the smo. 

I use the way that is described in the pdf (under "New in 1.8") but this doesn't work.


Has anyone got this to work with parametric input on the list method? And if so, please tell me how! The following attempts didn't work. 

Hello MdenHeijer!

Dont no if this is what your looking for, but  perhaps it can give you some assistans/hints.

I applied filtering using the controls refresh method. In my case i executed this method when a dropdownlist raised an event. Parameter was entered in the following format Company==Relight

For more info see following screenshots. 

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Hi David, 


Thanks for your reply. What you describe is the filter property, not the method param property. The format that you use for the filter, does not work on the method params. At least not on my side. Could you try this on your side? 


If anyone has a working setting with METHOD PARAMS I would love to hear how. 


Kind regards, 


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Is there a way to sort the event name in ascending order? And also is there a way to word wrap the event name if it is long?

Thanks and Kind Regards,



I have installed full calendar control for k2 smartforms and when i'm running my form an error shows up saying : "there was an error while fetching events!".


Hey guys I am facing some weird errors? Should I post the screenshot here or start a new thread instead

Regards hellodear.in

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Hi @shubharora734,

It would be better to start a new thread so more people will be able to see it, you can just link this post to it 🙂. However you can also post it here if you want to.


Kind Regards