High Speed Active Directory

  • 17 April 2018
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Method Automation Services Inc. presents the  High Speed Active Directory Service Broker provides enterprise client with large Active Directory environments speed up form and workflow applications by leveraging high speed native AD queries to search and retrieve data.


The K2 service broker integrates with Active Directory to provide high speed results in large enterprise environments.  This broker eliminates the objects that are not valid users accounts, increasing performance and security by not exposing service accounts or machine accounts.  The methods return only the most frequently used properties needed from Active Directory rather than 20+ properties returned with the out-of-the-box AD service broker.



Method Include

  • Get Active Directory Users
  • GetList
  • UserExistsInGroup
  • DoesUserExist
  • IsUserAccountEnabled

In large scale environments performace increases experienced were upwards of 1,500 percent faster than the out of the box serivce brokers installed with K2.



K2 Five and 4.7 Compatible 
Battel Tested and Production Proven!


Click Here to download the service broker