Interactive JavaScript charts for k2 smartforms These controls use a third party library from http://www.highcharts.com/ and requires a license for commercial use. This pack contains 3 controls.

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How, this works great but I'm unable to deploy the HighCharts K2 Process Reports. Package and Deploy gives me an error "K2 Package and Deploy does not support this version of the package". 




Thanks for the sharing this. The charts look very slick.



Dear Adam,


are we need license to use this control and run chart on runtime site



Hi, Unable to deploy as the package is not compatible with K2 v4.7, any idea when a new version will come out that is compatible??



I have deployed it successfully in v4.7 but after using it, charts are not visible on the page although I have provided it smartobjects query as well. How to show charts on the smartforms?



Asad Naeem

Hi Asad, 


You need to open the project in Visual Studio and fix any broken references by codying the DLL files from your k2 4.7 server and re-adding them as references on the project. you will then need to change the .NET target version from 3.5 to 4.5 to match the new DLLs.


Once you Build the project you will need to copy the new DLL from your /Release/Bin folder to the Design and Runtime Bin folders on your K2 server, then iisreset, and re-register the DLL  and then restart Blackpearl.




Is this project still support the new version of K2 like K2 Five? or the further development is discontinued ?





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This doesnt seem to work in K2 5.0

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Hi guys,


Im using this control in my Smartforms for out version 4.7 production server. I am trying to get it to work in my K2 5.0 dev environment and it doesnt seem to want to work. Anyone else gotten it to work in 5.0?





Hi Dave, 

I am not running K2 Five yet.
Have you tried recompiling the High Charts project in Visual Studio using the latest K2 DLLs from K2 Five?


How would I exactly compile the project with the latest K2 DLLs? Where can I find them?

EDIT: Found the files and managed to compile the project, however when I put the DLLs in the Designer and Runtime folders I receive an error that the component can not be loaded. Note that the .bat installer extracts the DLL files to the x86 folder, and K2 Five is 64 bit only so the files are not put in the corresponding K2 Five Designer and Runtime folders. Thus I put the files there manually and get the error.

Is there no way to get it to work with K2 Five?

Did you recreate the service instance and smart objects after re-deploying the DLLs?

Has anyone gotten this to work on K2 Five?

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Please is there a Web Version for HighCharts?