K2 smartforms Theme Builder

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Windows Application for Creating Custom K2 smartforms Themes, Quickly! Latest version (V2.1) has support for Lithium type themes PLUS the ability to Generate a smartforms theme from a SharePoint 2013 Composite look.


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I applied/created a new theme, it runs fine under localhost/runtime url, but when I try it under the server url K2/runtime it defaults to the platinum theme.


any ideas?

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Hi, most of the time the browser would cache the css, so try refresh (F5) to see if that sorts it out.



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I had already cleared the cache and all, but somehow this morning I tried it and it worked just fine!

thank you for your reply!


If you have some troubles with your styles: "Be calm, and IISReset" :)

It work for me, everytime.

When do you think you can get a 4.6.9 version?

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New version that works with multi-css themes like the Lithium Theme coming soon....

Hi! When will Control Pack controls' CSS files be customized along with the main CSS file in the Theme Builder (if at all)?



Would it be possible to have SharePoint Online authentication enabled? At the moment I immediately get an Unauthorized error..

Or if I could get the source code I can try and add it myself?

Please check the default theme that is set in the web.config.


the tool seems to create new themes fine, but when i edit a custom theme, it says Theme.css is edited, but it never edit the theme itself,

when i change a color, and save, the colors are reset back to how it was,

please help

Hi all, I am new to K2 and am trying to create themes. I downloaded the theme builder but I am unsure of how to use it. For example, I created a copy of the twilight theme and when I changed some color in the theme builder, I notice that the colors are getting changed. But as there are many colors (hex values) in the theme builder, how do I know what colors I need to change / what part of the css is getting changed ,etc. Kindly help