• 26 October 2012
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Current Version V1.8 Below is a link to a video that will help you create Multilingual forms. V1.8 Translates tab header text. V1.7.1 Translates both normal and data labels. V1.7 If you used the resource editor to generate a language file from a webpage, any words ending with three dots ‘…’ would cause a smartform the break. This has now been resolved. V1.5 Changes made to work with k2 smartforms 1.0.2. (use V1.4 for k2 smartforms

35 replies

Compatibility with IE8

I would like to thank you Adam for this great control because working in multi language environment is really painful for UI designers. It works great in Chrome and FF but not in IE8 😞 My corporate world is very conservative and current approved and widely deployed browser is IE8. My investigation shown that this control uses textContent and innerHTML js functions. textContent is not supported in IE8 :( 

I'm wondering if it would be possible to use jQuery similar function .text() which is supported by all browsers (with a little bit different results, but it is not the case for this control I believe). I tried to make appropriate changes in published sources but no luck with it.

Adam, could you have a look on this? I also would welcome an opportunity to get  v1.2 sources ;)

Source Code

Hi All,

Could anybody tell me, where can I take source codes for the last version of this control. I need it to make some changes for adapting this control to use database instead of .resx file in file share. Thanks in advance.

Loving the control! Have a queston I hope someone can help me with though. 

We have noticed a behaviour when an element with a translated placeholder is clicked it reverts back to English - when the element loses focus.

Has anyone seen this behaviour? And if so is there a workaround for it?




it is great control, but i faced a problem, the tile of the view editable list in the form not translated,

i have tried many scenarios but still the sme,


any advaices 



Thanks !


I created a test Smartform containing the Multilingual Control. I am getting Javascript errors that is preventing the form from loading (translations)

- _debug is not defined
- Syntax error -> see second screenshot

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Hi CDR923,


It might be because the default language is not set or doesn't exist in the resource file


Try also to check/uncheck the "run of load" checkbox

In the zip folder, I'm not able to find the .exe file to install the control. Any help?

@Daniele, if you download v1.9 there, you have a zip with the .exe .dll and .txt


For v1.91 is it not available the build solution?



I have the same issue as Daniele.  Can you walk me through how to install V1.91 please?



This control makes forms unusable on android device after mobile app was updated by k2. Can anybody help?





Great component. Query: Can we have this work with a language selector control instead of depending upon user's browser language?

Umar, yes you can.  Just add in the dropdown control, and set the language you want to display.  When the control is changed, have it transfer the value the the Set Language control.



We are using the Multilingual control in a Smartforms application, and we have a strange issue. When we add a Content Control on the form that points to a Sharepoint Library URL, the setlanguage rule stops working for that form.


There are no Javascript errors present, we just don't see the translation occuring. When we remove the Content Control, or change the URL of the content control to, for instance,, the translation starts working again.


Any ideas on how to solve this issue?


I appreciate the efforts done for this control. It is really helping and one of the positive point for this control is that we do not need to deply the conrol or file if it required to change some text or add a new language with the exisiting key strings. Just edit the file and save it. That's it. k2 application will automatically will update the latest file at its end.


I am facing an issue regarding this control.


- I have set a language in browser which is not the part of xml then refreshing the application makes it hanged. it can be noticed in the second image. I have fixed this code with the default language like english. So it is mandatory that there should be atleast english (en)



private string GetLanguageFromTable(DataTable dt, string culture)
         string result = string.Empty;

         for (int i = 0; i < dt.Columns.Count; i++)
               if (dt.Columns[i].ColumnName == culture)
                           for (int z = 0; z < dt.Rows.Count; z++)
                                         result += string.Format("["{0}","{1}"],", dt.Rows[z][0].ToString().ToLower().Trim(), dt.Rows[z][i].ToString().Trim());


        // This is newly added code 

        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(result))
               result = GetLanguageFromTable(dt, "en");
               this.DefaultCulture = "en";

    return result;



That utility Adam references in his video is located here


"C:K2 Installation Package 4.7Other K2 Services Brokers ControlsMulti_language ControlMultilingual_1.91K2Field.K2Forms.Controls.SetLanguageSetLanguagesinDebugK2 smartform Languages.exe"


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I have an issue with adding multiple resource files. Both of the files work fine separately, but when I use "Core,EMForm" as a value the spinner keeps running. I've already tried ", " (comma+space), reversing the order, and different separators. No luck so far. 






I think you have to specify a default language to avoid the running spinner. 

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@Jan, Thanks, that solves the issue. 





I have another issue with this control. This is version 1.8 of the control, and in version 1.0.3 of Smartforms. I cannot do an upgrade of Smartforms to the latest version, so please don't suggest that.


THe issue i have is that this control works as expected when you call the smartform directly (i.e. http://server/Runtime/Form/FormName), but when we embed this form in a IFrame in a Sharepoint 2013 (en 2010 mode) page, the control stops working with IE11. It does work with the lateste version of Chrome, but is does not work in IE 11, and this is a requirement of the solution.


Also, there are no javascript errors emmitted, the control just simply does not translate the text. Has anyone had this problem? Any ideas on how to debug / correct the issue?


Thank you in advance,


Sérgio Amendoeira

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I found that this control doesn't seem to translate the Source Title and Destination Title of a Multi-Select control. Am I doing something wrong or is this an unsupported feature?


Mark den Heijer

MdenHeijier   I've notice that if the XML has double quotes in it. The translation will just keep spining. Check for double quotes.



Can this component be used in a K2 Five environment ?


Thank you.


I want to be able to load in the different resource files during form initializing.


Can I assume this isn't possible?


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This is possible. It is also shown in the youtube video (see link at the top of this page).


In the resource files field just put Filename1,Filename2,Filename3 (separate resource filenames with comma). I am not sure whether it excepts space characters in filenames. I always avoid them to be sure.


gr mark

 Hi mikesc,


I have successfully used this multilingual control with a K2 five platform (on an upgraded platform and on a fresh installed platform).


I hope this helps.