WorkflowManagement Service

  • 25 April 2014
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Service object which allow users to manage processes, tasks and rights. Users can manage : - processes (start process, delete process instance, update datafield value, update folio, list datafield value) - Tasks (release, delegate, redirect, goto activity) - User rights (add process rights, list user rights for a process, list user rights of a specific user) - Manage OOF


The version 3 of workflow management have a new method to list out of offices activated on the current  K2 server.


The version 4 of workflow management have new method to manage worklist (of the K2 server) and to allow users to load their worlist. 

There is also 2 methods (thanks to Fethi from K2 France) which allow to list activities by process full name and by process ID.


Credits to :

Jean-Jacques from K2 UK for impersonate and process management features.

Raphaël from K2 France for some features about Folio and Activity management and generic worklist methods.

Fethi from K2 France for his list activities features

Olivier from K2 France for the improvement of the goto activity method.

8 replies

If the task is assigned to 3 destination users with 3 slots under K2 workflow design ,  (User A, User B and User C), why User B is able to see the task of User A ?

Hi Pierre


I am getting an error on version 3 when I attempt to get a worklist.


Standard object reference not set to an instance of an object.


Would it be possible to get the source code.  I can then fix this.  


Else I will have to write this all over.

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Hi Pierre,


I have the exact same issue as HankBernard.  Other methods work but when i tried to execute Get Worklist. it fails. Can you provide source code or can you fix this and update the new solution? I am currently using K2 Blackpearl 4.6.11.




Hi Pierre,


Can you provide documentation on how to implement this?  After an upgrade to 4.7, the methods are executing without error, but the changes are not being made to worklist items (release, delegation, etc.).  Everything is functioning fine in our dev and staging environments, just not our production environment.  





I have already encounter this issue. You have to install the last cumulative update, and after that, workflow management will works fine.

This issue occurs because there is a limitation on 20 items on the getworkist API since 4.7 version. This limitation has been changed in one cumulative update released by labs.





the zip for 6.1 seems empty when I donload it.

Hi Pierre,


I have a problem when test the Process Management in smart object service tester. The error is "server is not configured for windows authentication", but when i test the Task Management it works fine. Am i missing something? What is the correct Authentication Mode and connection string to use? I am using K2 Blackpearl 4.6.11.



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Hi Guys,


Great Service Broker.

I have found a bug, however.

In the AddOOF method, the assignment of the EndDate property needs to be MinValue and not MaxValue

wkShare.EndDate = DateTime.MinValue;


If not the case, OOF only works for one day and then tasks are not actually properly assigned.

There is a sample on the documentation showing that it needs to use MinValue, refer to the following.


I've made the change already and can provide the code, but it is a small change you can probably also make.