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  • 18 August 2020
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Hi Guys,


Two quick queries related to the From Address which K2 uses when sending email notifications.


Question#1 - Changing the From Address

Am I right in thinking that all I need to do is:

1. Open K2 Management

2. Navigate to Environment Library > Amend the From Address entry 

3. Navigate to String Table > Amend the From Address entry

As this is K2, is there anything else I need to do? Like restart the server or update a DB table?


Question#2 - Multiple From Addresses

Is it possible to have Multiple From Addresses on a single K2 server? This way the From Address could vary, based on the type of workflow?




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Hi ConradMC,


It sounds like you want to update the From Address global environment variable. I would suggest using the K2 Setup Manager for this step. This will update all the .config files and K2 connection strings. After that, you can check those 2 places. Please note this will affect all workflows/forms/views that have email feature. 

Perhaps, the following KB might help.

How email functionality is implemented in K2 Five and K2 Platform Classic


Regarding the other inquiry, it will likely come down to your scenario. I'm not sure if you can have multiple from addresses with K2 SmartActions. Are you planning to have the K2 SmartActions feature? If it's standard Email event, I think it might be possible, there is delegation configuration that must be done in Exchange to make this work and there is documentation available on how to set this up.