Incident Management SmartStarter

  • 2 March 2016
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K2 SmartStarters provide  preconfigured apps to streamline your processes,  built to help you work smarter and get business done faster .


Protect your company from lawsuits and other escalations with an app that captures and routes incident details to the right people for a quick resolution.


The Incident Management process was modelled around the ITIL Incident Management guidelines. The application was built to be generic and may need some tweaks in order to comply with specific implementations. The request form, completed by a Service Desk Agent, captures the necessary details about the incident, then starts a workflow that will route the request to the relevant employee(s) in order to get resolved. The request can also be escalated to 2nd level support. Once resolved, the request will be routed to the caller for final verification.


If the Service Desk Agent is able to resolve the ticket immediately, the form will still capture all information, but the process will bypass the support section and directly request confirmation from the caller to ensure the request has been addressed appropriately.



SmartStarters are created on standard K2 artifacts and available to you to use as is or modify. Please Note: SmartStarters are only available to users with a valid K2 Portal account (customers or partners).


Please Click "Download All Files" to accept the EULA and access the Incident management SmartStarter download location and related documentation that explains how to set up and administer

1 reply

Hi there,

 we have implemented the Incident Management SmartStarter at a customer and we've amended it to fit their process better.

We are experiencing overall performance issues though on this and I wondered whether anyone else have experienced performance issues on the submission of an Incident using the system.

It takes between 7 and 12 seconds to successfully submit a new incident - which does seem quite slow for an Incident Management system.